Meet the co-founders

Thibaud Elziere

As an experienced entrepreneur who has built multiple successful companies, Thibaud knows what makes a good idea and how to kickstart it. He cofounded Hexa to pioneer a new way for entrepreneurship.

Amaury Sepulchre

Amaury loves shaping new businesses, pushing ideas, cracking business models and building teams. He is a former top-tier consultant with a strong entrepreneurial mindset. He cofounded Hexa to empower entrepreneurs to build and grow better companies.

Quentin Nickmans

As a former top-tier consultant and entrepreneur who brought a bankrupt company back on the road to success, Quentin knows how to lead teams and shape young startups into real companies. He co-founded Hexa to take the startup studio model to new heights.

Faustine Rohr-Lacoste

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Alexis Vilette
Finance & Investments

Alexis’s main responsibilities include advising partners on investment decisions, working on new ventures and ensuring sustainable funding for eFounders activity. He's also partial to a glass of white chardonnay — out of office of course.

Sarah Barron

Sarah helps make our brand shine. She oversees all things communications for Hexa and loves to work with founders to devise communication strategies that drive results.

Alix Vandame

As our Talent Acquisition Manager, Alix makes sure our startups recruit and retain the A-teams that can deliver on their missions.

Gregoire Jouffroy

Grégoire is our General Counsel. He brings his experience acquired in top law firms to advise our projects on both day-to-day legal matters and important legal operations.

Ines Barriuso
Finance & Admin

In addition of being a proud mother of two amazing girls, Ines has an extensive experience of financial and administrative processes in the SaaS industry. By putting her skills at the service of the team, Ines allows our entrepreneurs to be totally focused on their product and growth.

Juliette Vorsanger
People & Admin Ops

Juliette runs our people and admin operations. She makes sure everyone gets onboarded with everything they need, and that any HR question gets answered - fast. Juliette lives out in the countryside with her family, and a couple of sheep.

Prescillia Kumponza

Prescillia helps find first-rate talent for our studio and startups. Hailing from France’s sunny south, she’s best known for her scintillating personality.

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