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In 2011, Thibaud Elziere and Quentin Nickmans cofounded eFounders, later joined by Amaury Sepulchre. Altogether they created a new way of building companies. One that is centered around building companies as a team within a startup studio. The model of team entrepreneurship proved successful and scaled to the fintech and web3 verticals.

We are now bringing together eFounders, Logic Founders and 3Founders under the same ecosystem: Hexa.

We strive to build and grow companies that are...


Companies that build products to innovate, solve problems yet unsolved, open up new product categories, and pioneer new ways of doing - because we believe that innovation sparks progress and is a major contributor to economic growth.


We aim to build companies with large international ambitions, that aim to have an impact at scale and improve the lives of as many individuals as possible - but who focus on long-term value creation over short-term value extraction.


Companies that are conscious of their impact. At the company level by fostering cultures where everyone feels included and where value creation, such as equity, is shared amongst all. And at the global level, by striving to leave a positive mark on the world.

Call for studios

Here are a few areas we're most excited about - though this list is by no means exhaustive. While we could build a multitude of startups in each of these areas, we are focusing on what we know best, what we’re experts in and what we’ve spent decades building: software.


Climate change is probably the greatest challenge of our century.

We are collectively responsible for achieving a more sustainable future for the generations to come and there has never been a more pressing time than now to take action. On top of the from the moral obligation we all have, we believe there are many business opportunities in this area, and more importantly we think that the most talented people will all want to work in this space in the next years. Besides, we have seen an incredible acceleration on climate initiatives in 2022 (think the huge IRA in the US), and we think this is only the beginning.

Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet to achieve our net-zero emission goal by 2050. We must take a variety of initiatives, such as decarbonizing energy, transportation, agriculture, and buildings, encouraging people and businesses to reduce their direct and indirect emissions, offsetting any remaining emissions with new projects, and capturing carbon directly from the air, etc. We're only touching the surface with these few examples, as virtually no aspect of our lives will remain untouched in the coming decades.

Software has a major role to play in the initiatives that will emerge to address climate change. Either by providing direct climate change solutions or as an enabler of the fast emergence of new climate solutions. We believe software can help individuals and companies measure and reduce their environmental impact and adjust their behaviors. There are numerous generic and sector-specific business opportunities in this area. Another area we want to explore is building software aimed to enable more efficient deployment and scaling of the all the new climate investments and initiatives that will be launched in the next decades across the world.

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We want to make the most of the opportunities provided by software so that effective and efficient education is available to everyone, everywhere. The pandemic accelerated the adoption of educational technology, pushed it into the mainstream and yet it remains a sector that would benefit from further digitization. We’re interested in empowering entrepreneurs to build in this space, whether it’s productivity software targeted at education professionals to help them teach more efficiently and communicate with students, tools and resources to assist people’s development, or platforms to help professionals upskill and keep up with rapidly evolving industry requirements.

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Software plays an increasingly important role in our health systems.  And it’s only the beginning. This is probably the most exciting space because there are so many potential applications. And we've got a few in mind. Technology can help improve medical conditions diagnoses (eg machine learning applied to X-Ray analysis or to genome sequencing), and help create individualized treatments. With technology, patients get easier access to care, prompter and more personalized treatments and it's easier to find relevant patients for clinical trials. Software also helps hospitals be more efficient, improve patient workflows and reduce admin work. Telehealth completely changes the access of people to medicine. And self-monitoring apps help patients and doctors collaborate on their long-term or post-surgery conditions. We are also particularly interested in building software to enable health providers, increase patient engagement, improve mental health, and to help companies make health a priority.

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We believe that AI will bring a level of technological advancements to software similar to what cloud brought 15 years ago. Artificial intelligence has seen a lot recent advancements with text generator GPT-3/4 and text to image generator Dall-E and Stable Diffusion. AI is about to transform and improve the majority of industries and professions by assisting us at every level of the creation process, from coding, to writing, designing, and collaborating. For instance, automated copy AI will augment sales & marketing functions, automated email & speech generators will boost customer support teams, health professionals will rely on AI for diagnosis. The list goes on, the opportunities for software that leverage AI is huge and we’re still in the very early days.

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The development, management, and financing of real estate have traditionally lagged behind in terms of innovation. Yet, it is a significant sector, with a wide range of stakeholders, from real estate developers, to the bankers who finance such projects, and landlords who manage multiple properties…  We want to build software that can help them work and collaborate much more efficiently. Such innovations are on the rise and are driven by new fintech instruments, changing consumption behavior and the ever more data-driven approach to occupancy and energy management.

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Thibaud Elziere

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